Too Inflexible, Short, or “Stocky” To Do An Arm Bar?

bjj arm bar

If you have struggled with feeling that you’re too inflexible, short, or “stocky” to do an arm bar from your guard, here’s your fix.

Actually, it’s a great fix even if you don’t have trouble getting the leg over your opponent’s head, but maybe feel your angle is off somehow and you’re lacking the tightness to get the tap…

This is a follow up to my previous blog post on “Submissions: Perfecting Your Posture“. And this is an example of a “detail” that fits one of the most common challenges to the arm bar, but note that the distinction between a technical detail and correct posture in not just semantic…

Once you have ingrained and tested the correct arm bar posture finish that I identify at the end of the the previous video, you should understand (both intellectually and by “feel”) how – and more importantly why – the arm bar works. At this point, you can easily make adjustments like I show today on the level of correct posture.

This is just one example that can, and does, apply to every submission in the game.


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