Submissions: Perfecting Your Posture

jiu jitsu arm bar

Submissions: Perfecting Your Posture

The old BJJ adage, “position before submission”
is correct in one sense, but also somewhat

I say the because the fact is a submission IS a
position, and should be understood and treated
as such.

And as with any other position, improvements
and mistakes alike should be addressed on the
level of posture.

Case in point…

Recently I was working with a pro  fighter I train,
alsoa very solid Jiu-Jitsu player, and during isolation
rounds from his guard I noticed that even at 50%
resistance I was able to slide out of some
submission attempts.

At that point, I said let’s stop and put the “zoom
lens” on some of these subs, one at a time, drill
them and then go back to the working from the
position again.

As an example, in the next few videos I’m going to
break down the classic arm bar from guard,
starting with the most common variation, the
“climbing” arm bar.

Let me also say that the athlete I mentioned does
not have a “bad” arm bar, kimura, rear naked
choke, etc. He taps good people with these
submissions all the time. And this is often the

If you are new to these submissions or don’t
really use them, what I’m going to share will be
like magic. If you do use them a lot and are
already decent at them (like this fighter), then
you may be aware of some details but one might
make all the difference when going against someone
good (or much stronger than you).

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I’ll show you how to fix
the armbar if you’re struggling to get the leg over your
opponents’ head to finish the submission.

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