Steamroller Mount Pressure (How To Fight 1/2 Of Your Opponent’s Body)

This is one from my 40 Plus BJJ Success
This technique will make you feel like a
STEAMROLLER to your training
partners — even guys way bigger:
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The posture also allows you to open
up submissions even when your
opponent has great defense.

What I show in this video has been
a big hit when I’ve taught it at seminars,

and I’ve had students routinely hitting it
in class rolling competitively the very
same day they learned it.

But it’s not just a “new move” to add
to the collection…

It’s part of my overall 40 Plus BJJ
strategy designed to maximize
your results with minimum effort
even against the younger, faster,
stronger, and more explosive guys
on the mats.

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated trying to
maintain the mount, or get a finish from
there, you’ll want to go try this right away.

It’s priceless, watch the video now to see
for yourself!

Stephen Whittier
40 Plus BJJ Success

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