New, Free e-Book Improves Your BJJ After 40

New, Free e-Book Improves Your BJJ After 40 (Companion Video Tutorial Series Included)

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Over the years I’ve written so many articles and email lessons for my subscribers that I wanted to consolidate some of the most common challenges (and answer questions I get) into one, easily digestible resource. That why I wrote up this free e-Book, The 3 Biggest Mistakes 40+ Grapplers Make in Their Training – And How To Fix Them Fast! It is specifically intended to help out 40 plus BJJ students and grapplers, but the advice really applies to anyone because these “traps” are common to students of all ages….

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Listen, forty is hardly ancient in today’s terms, so it’s easy for some gnarly physical specimens to throw out statements like “It’s B.S., age means nothing. I still beat up all the young guys in my club.” If that’s true, great. But talk to me in 10 years. Or 20. Things will eventually change, and if you’re identifying your performance with your physicality you will be setting yourself up for eventual disappointment.

For most, the reality is that 40, generally speaking, marks a time when we take longer to recover from training sessions, have more work and family responsibility that prevent us from training as much as our younger counterparts, and we begin to see a decline in attributes like explosive power, speed and strength. This is normal, and no reason to fret about it…. It just means we need to train smarter so we can improve faster and avoid injury.

A lot of people immediately look for more or different technique as a solution to their grappling frustrations, but all my experience shows that this is NOT what you need. Think of it like this: if you keep getting caught in triangles during training, the best answer is not another escape from the triangle. It’s understanding why and how you are getting caught in them over and over again and fixing the problem at the source.

Topics covered in the book include:

1. The Trap of Accumulation & Complexity – Yes, youtube generation, I’m talking to you! But if you think this is just about “the basics,” it’s not. I actually distinguish between a “basic technique” and a “fundamental” here, and talk about how to build “fluency through movement” and a high degree of game development through training fundamentals.

2. The Trap of Copying Another’s Style  – I’ve written about this before on this blog, but it bears further consideration. There are thousands of students out there (maybe you?) who are trying to model your game after a certain instructor, another student, or a famous BJJ competitor. Under certain circumstances this can be appropriate, but in almost all cases it’s a huge mistake that can be a huge impediment to your progress. I explain why here.

3. The Trap of Inferior Training Progressions – It may surprise you that learning on a technique-by-technique basis is a very poor method in terms of skill development. Sure, the naturally coordinated and athletic guys can do it,  but for most this is exactly why it takes 10-15 years to get a black belt. Yes, there is a better way, and I break it down in this chapter.

BONUSES: Along with the e-book, I also created a companion video tutorial series to go along with it. And I’ve even got an offer for a full, hour long free DVD that goes even deeper into illustrating the principles I discuss in the book.

What can I say, I like to over deliver.

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