“My Age is My Strength”: Jiu-Jitsu Subterfuge and Cunning

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This is an older video, but check it out. Starts with a fundamental and moves to an adaptation (basically, a functional “trick”).

As I’ve discussed, the ideal of BJJ does not merely have to do with effectiveness, but also maximum efficiency.

This is even more important as you get older, your training partners are a decade or more younger than you… And if you want to stay in the game for the long haul (which I am serious about helping you do).

So efficiency is about developing great posture and timing as opposed to relying on your  physical attributes.

And to that I want to add this great equalizer:

Subterfuge and animal cunning.

…i.e., be one sneaky S.O.B.!

You’ll see how once you have mastered the core fundamental posture (the how) and timing (the when), you can then start to play the part of master chef… tweak the recipe and make it fit to your needs, your body, and your game. It’s not dirty, it’s strategic.

If you run into a wall, do you keep trying to push your head through it or find a door? Always better to look for the door! Jiu-Jitsu is a beautiful thing.

Think about areas in your game where you use too much energy, strength, etc.

How can you use a dose of low animal cunning to solve the problem with less effort and more efficiency?

Another nice one. Just shot on the fly…

We’ve been getting a very high finish rate with this choke from mount in the gym so I wanted to share it.

Aside from the details I show here, the main key to hitting it is to be very discrete about the feed with the lapel….

I will very casually grip my lapel while bothering my opponent with crossface pressure, then shoot
the lapel up and across his neck in one quick, decisive motion. In other words, don’t telegraph
it at all.

Once you’ve fed the lapel and your arm is lined up, it’s just a matter of time!

Here’s the video:

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