How To Experience More “Aha” Moments in Your BJJ Technique

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Ever wondering if it’s possible to experience more of those “Aha” moments in your BJJ technique?

I was just sharing this observation with a few of my students and wanted to share with you as well…

I’ve written and talked a lot about how to develop greater efficiency and relaxation in your BJJ technique, but this is another “take” on that crucial idea.

There have been periods over the years when I was training for a competition, or getting in a ton of mat time and had few distractions outside of practice, or training pros for their competitions (that really gets you sharp)…

And while there’s no doubt that these surges in intensity and competitiveness brought me to my peaks in terms of an athletic edge, the irony is this:

Every – and I mean every – major technical epiphany I’ve experienced in Jiu-Jitsu technique has come when I was:
• not focused on athleticism
• training at my peak (time- or intensity-wise)
• dealing with significant distractions in life outside of practice

What do I mean by “technical epiphanies”?

I mean those moments that go beyond even a deep intellectual understanding of a concept or  technique – when your execution of a concept or technique becomes virtually EFFORTLESS.

jiu jitsu techniqueIn other words, I’m talking about those major breakthrough moments when the mind is calm but focused in the moment, and “synched” with the body (a.k.a., the zone, flow state, etc.)…

And instead of those breakthroughs coming as a results of all the hard training, the doing more, they come instead when you’re able most able to relax, feel, and do less.

(Of course, none of this is to discourage hard training or competitiveness. But when it comes to the learning stage and technical skill  development, what I’m talking about here is really important).

And as you’ll hear me say many times, what’s good advice for Jiu-Jitsu players of any age becomes invaluable advice as we get older and rack up more mileage on the body.

So your continued mission as you train is to observe your mental and physical state whenever you’re training against any resistance from your partners, soften your mind and body, and just feel and do.

When you do this, you’ll start to have more “Aha” moments yourself. Your reliance on speed and explosiveness will be replaced with timing. And your passing, guard, and survival / escape skills will go through the roof!

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