Forging A 40 Plus BJJ Guard, Part 2

Once you have isolated the basic sitting guard
pressures to make sure you can maintain your
guard effectively against different opponents,
now the fun begins.

Along the lines of “the best defense is a good
a large part of making your guard
formidable and hard to pass are your attacks.

If you have a tough time fighting from your
back or easily get worn out by the young speed
demons or big guys who crush you, an upright
guard is great for staying compact, keeping
the pressure off you, and avoid getting stacked
(and injured!).

And even if you like playing off your back —
tangling your partners up or stretching them
out — you can safely and efficiently get your
grips to move to a preferred attacking position.

The simplest pressures are the ones I like to
emphasize first: push & pull. And example here
is from the cross-collar grip, but if you are doing
no gi this could just be a single neck tie:

Push-Pull Pressure from Sitting Guard

This will give you the opportunity to reverse your
opponent easily (if he has on knee up, just sub-
stitute the knee grip in this video with an ankle
pick on the leg that’s raised).

Also great for snapping down to guillotines and
collar chokes!

Next Tip:


Best way to deal with a big, strong Beast
of an opponent is to attack at angles…

Staying “peripheral” to your opponents rather
than right in front of them.

This is where we can really get into using
tools like arm drags, butterfly hooks and sweeps,
and other attacks.

Consider this:
If you are constantly threatening to take your
opponent’s back, what is he doing?


If you are sweeping him so that you wind up in
top position or passing, what is he doing?


More work for him, less for you — and less
physical attributes (strength, weight, etc.) that
you have to deal with.

As an example, let’s look back at the Windsurfer Arm
Drag I showed in an earlier email blast (if you weren’t
on the list then, here it is again):

Windsurfer Arm Drag

TONS of options from here!

Stephen Whittier
Peripheral Attacking BJJ Coach

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