About 40 Plus BJJ Success


40 Plus BJJ Success is dedicated to the unique tactical and technical needs of Jiu-Jitsu students and instructors 40 and up.

It was founded by 3rd Degree Black Belt, Stephen Whittier. Stephen is a longtime student of Roberto Maia (from whom he earned his black belt) as well as a select number of head coaches and the U.S. East Coast Regional Director of SBG (Straight Blast Gym International).

His conceptual and highly technical and strategic approach has helped thousands of students of all levels, as well as fellow instructors, to improve their games and better understand the physical and mental tools for continuing to progress and stay healthy in Jiu-Jitsu training for the long haul.



Just a taste of what other 40 Plus BJJ’ers are saying:


“This is the best series I have ever purchased. I’m a 42 year old brown belt, closing in on black, and this series has really helped to fill on some holes in my game. Since I purchased this series, several folks have commented on how my game has been improving. I’ve always been a fan of SBG material, but the manner in which this series was organized, the explanations, the principles focus, etc. are simply outstanding. When I am back in NE next year, visiting family, I plan on making a side trip to MA for a private or two. Continued success to you, sir!”

-Stephan Hartmann


“About 12 months ago I began to incorporate your philosophy of position and timing into my regular drilling and rolling.  Through you email posts, videos, and DVD’s I added the specific fundamentals I needed to improve my game.  About three months ago I committed to competing for the first time in a big tournament – the IBJJF Master Seniors Worlds.  By applying your principle of defining my routes, opponent’s options, and my shutdowns or transitions, I developed a game plan for the tournament.  This past Sunday, October 7, 2012 in Long Beach, CA, I became the Senior 5 Featherweight World Champion!

Thank you for all your wisdom and passion to share the BJJ Professor path to excellence.”

-Eric Twigg


“Again, a big admirer…. I am that heart attack survivor / back surgery new brown belt, 58 years old. I just watched the DVD this morning and then went to club. I had big guys on me, and I just did “straight jacket” and “T-Rex” and the other things, and it worked like a charm. Amazing!”

-Mordecai Finley


“Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with the 40 Plus BJJ dvd’s and the continued emails. It is obvious that you are dedicated to making the sport better and your support for your students (including the cyber ones) is incredible. I am going to be testing for my Blue Belt at the end of the month and I owe a lot of my progress to what I have learned from you.”

-John M.


“I own the 40plus set and it is fantastic, my game has improved so much from watching and drilling techniques from that set it is ridiculous. I am a purple belt instructor who has been training for 8yrs and trained with some top level guys and i rate Steve as the most technical instructor i have seen, and i have done seminars with Xande Ribeiro, Eddie bravo, John Will, etc. I would buy anything he puts out.”

-James Guy


“My game has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to your DVD series. No longer intimidated by those 20 year olds that practically live at the dojo. OSS!”

-Ron Forte


“Brilliant as usual. Thank you again. I’m implementing as much as time allows. On a side note just spent this week transforming my side control as a result of 40 plus. Happiness is Whittier jiu jitsu!”

-Mario S.


“Professor, your instructional videos are second to none, especially with teaching concepts (more so than technique), and breaking down small details, into smaller easily digestible details.”

-C. Diaz


“Your tips have been super helpful, thank you!! The younger guys can’t figure out why I can keep up with them.  I’m 42 yo.”



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